Computers 101: Hardware

Hardware in a computer is the actual physical components that software is run on in order to do any type of work that we’re hoping to do. Without hardware, computing would be impossible! Likewise without software, computing would be nearly impossible! Anyways, below is a list I made of common hardware components that you’ll commonly see in most, if not all personal computers. Continue reading


Computers 101: A History

The history of computing dates back to almost 2500 BCE when the abacus was invented around Sumeria. Perhaps you’re wondering why I’d call such a device a computer when it’s not even electronic? Oh, but quite a way we’ve come since analog computers had to be used for arithmetic calculations!

Anyways, I’m assuming you’re more interested in electronic computers,  so let’s skip ahead about 4400 years into the future. In 1937, the Atanasoff-Berry Computer was invented by John Atanasoff, and its primary use was to solve linear equations in algebra. Neat stuff!

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